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Recent Projects-Proposals

1285 Northern Blvd Sunset Chapel Development to BMW dealership: Most recent documents are posted on the Norgate Civic Association ("NCA") tab.

1575-1595 Northern Blvd Site & Facade Plan
The proposed new site plan removes the 1595 No. Blvd center store (formerly Mystique Boutique) to create more on site parking to improve vehiclular entrance and exit pathways.
The fundamental principle of this redevelopment (aside from aesthetic improvements) is to improve the customer experience for access, parking, and circulation. After focusing our energy
on achieving such goals for the 1577-1595 portion, we recently turned our attention to the 1575 portion following our acquisition to accomplish the same. As shown on the attached, we are proposing to remove the ‘tail’ of the existing building to provide a more functional building along with a far more functional parkin
1595 Northern Blvd Manhasset N21176_C-30[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [4.9 MB]

To elaborate on the current site deficiencies, the property (i) is accessed via a two-way driveway, which is shared with the adjacent vacant Sleep Number building, that is substandard in width and (ii) has too much building square footage and not enough parking.  Due to these collective deficiencies, we believe the site and building as they currently function will be a revolving door of vacancies. To address these issues and redevelop the property into something that will thrive, we have arrived at the following redevelopment plan:

* Demolish the Mystique Boutique portion of the building to reduce the square footage from approximately 15K SF to 9K SF.

* Add parking within the footprint of the demolished space (to increase the parking capacity from 41 stalls to 48 stalls).

* Add an ingress only driveway in the area of the Mystique Boutique portion of the building.

* Convert the current two-way driveway into an egress only driveway.

* Renovate the facade of the former Destination Maternity building (as I mentioned, we are in the early stages of this design so once available I can provide a rendering).

* Acquire the vacant former Sleep Number building.  Although this is not essential, given our plans to improve access, it greatly facilitated our ability to execute on this.

* Add landscaping along the Northern Boulevard frontage in addition to other improvements to be identified to improve the curb appeal of the property.

Upon completion, this property will be comprised of three separate buildings with vastly improved parking, access, and aesthetics.  In terms of anticipate tenancies for the former Destination Maternity building, we anticipate that a portion will be rented to a high end fast casual restaurant and the remainder will be rented to some form of women's beauty use.

15 Colonial Parkway - Proposed Delicatessen BZA Hearing wed 9/21/22 10am
Proposed deli requires a BZA issued Conditional Use permit as a food service establishment.
15 Colonial Parkway Site Plan Benvenuti [...]
Adobe Acrobat document [5.0 MB]
BCA Objection to BZA granting a Conditional Use Permit for Deli at 15 Colonial Pkwy
Letter from Bayiew Civic Assn (BCA), as discussed at 9/14/22 GC meeting.
Greater Council support request - Object[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [24.4 KB]
Community Drive south of Pond Hill Rd: Roadside Food Facility Proposal
Concept Summary: Long-time Manhasset resident Brian Kenny proposes a roadside food facility on the strip of land between the old “Valley Road” (which now appears as a “small service road’) adjacent to Community Drive, between the “Highfield Gardens Care Center” and Community Drive, just south of Pond Hill Rd. Mr. Kenny seeks presentation, discussion & input from Greater Council.
Roadside Food Facility Concept Community[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [3.1 MB]

Plandome Rd Sewer Project: Please Support This Project!

Dear Manhasset Residents: Greater Council and Chamber of Commerce members have been working for years on this project to design a waste water treatment infrastructure that can support a vibrant financially successful downtown main street – our PLANDOME ROAD COMMERCIAL area for decades to come while concurrently mitigating the longstanding fear that sewers will bring uncontrolled high density development to our downtown. The plan is an ‘engineered solution’ that DOES NOT PROVIDE for higher density housing. The project is now ready to pursue funding grants which needs the support of all our local government representatives for such grants. Of course gaining elected official support means it needs public support of the Manhasset residents to advance to reality. As you will read, we have a current unique alignment of several opportunities (environmental and financial) that lead us to conclude NOW IS THE TIME TO ACT.


Please take the time now to read the petition and the feasibility study - it's important reading for you and our Manhasset community as a whole to understand the plan and engage in the discussion. MAKE THE TIME to understand this need for a vibrant sustainable downtown Plandome Rd business area is necessary now. This project is vital to community to support future local merchants for decades to come, and needs our support; join us in signing the petition NOW.

Sign the Petition to support the projectSupport Sewer Service for the Plandome Road Business District (link). Supports our merchants-help our local downtown Plandome Road merchants thrive for decades to come.

Be educated- View the Webinar: The online webinar held 4/21/21 was recorded and is avaialbe to view the presentation and discussion. Additional webinars being planned by each neighborhood civic assn during April to June 2021. Link to view on zoom:

https://us02web.zoom.us/rec/share/gnsjHEy7qr2s0rLpEqQNFxSzqnaF2IHrglAJUXukZFADFaCokNulPOpj5z-NltX0.TzALnXVGLEr5Ivbx . It will prompt you to enter a passcode- enter: 9ghGu#kz


Manhasset Press Article: https://manhassetpress.com/sewering-manhasset-gets-a-restart/

Manhasset Times Articlehttps://theislandnow.com/manhasset-107/locals-launch-petition-for-plandome-road-sewers/

Plandome Road Water Treatment (sewers) Feasibility Study
Conducted by the Great Neck Water Pollution Control District (GNWPCD)
FINAL GNWPCD Manhasset Sewer Feasibility[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [6.3 MB]

This project is planned for a modern water treatement technology - a 'Low Pressure System', as opposed to more traditional Gravity System. Low pressure systems are already proven successful and widely used in new sewering projects. To understand the diffference, a good overview is available online from 'eOne', a low pressure system manufacturer: See Gravity vs Low Pressure systems .

Calculate YOUR estimated sewer tax impact (an Excel tool)
instructions: “insert your home market value in the yellow highlighted cell to calculate the resulting estimated GNWPCD tax impact”.
Assumes 1. Bayview and Shorehaven residents support of expansion of the project to these residential areas, and 2. the capital project costs are covered by available government infrastructure grants.
GNWPCD 2021 Residential Tax Calculator.x[...]
Microsoft Excel sheet [19.8 KB]
Open Issues with Town of North Hempstead & Nassau County
Summary of efforts underway involving Town of North Hempstead and Nassau County matters, with its current status.
TNH Open Items.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [146.0 KB]
311 TNH Statistics for Manhasset
Caution: a 211 page document-print only the pages you need! Service Requests (SR) by category resolved within 11030. Document starts with Summary graphs for each year, page 8 begins the monthly summaries (present month all the way back to Town 311's Jan 2011 inception).
311 SRs 11030 Summary + detail.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [5.8 MB]

Town Road Paving Plan (Manhasset Areas)

TNH Manhasset Road Paving Schedule Summer 2023

Street Name          Start                                   End                      Linear Ft

Strathmore Road      Northern Blvd                     Andrew Road          1,039

4th Street                Clapham Avenue                 Brinkerhoff Lane         463

Crowntop Road        Quaker Ridge Road              Great Oak Road          505

East Drive               Ridge Drive                         South Drive                499

Linden Street          Bayview Avenue                  Manhasset Avenue       848

Bayview Avenue      Plandome Road                   W Shore Road           2,530

Bruce Lane             Harrow Lane                       Dead end south            139

3rd Street               Clapham Avenue                 Brinkerhoff Lane           453

Marlboro Road        Crowntop Road                    Pickwick Road              663

Memorial Place        Start of School Property      Plandome Road          1,078

Combes Drive         Manhasset Ave/VanArsdale Pl  Grinsted Street          560

Sussex Drive          Village Road                        Harrow Lane              1,065.1

Manhasset Ave      Bayview Avenue                    Van Arsdale Place         234

                                                                                           Total: 10,076.1


TNH Manhasset Road Paving Schedule Summer 2022

Street Name        From                    To                         Linear Feet

Mayfair Lane                  Searingtown Road          Harrow Lane                         822

Clapham Avenue           Northern Blvd                 Dead End South                 1,223

Mitchell Place                South Drive                     Dead end South                    223

Van Arsdale Place         Manhasset Ave/Combes Dr  Dead end North            392

Oxford Road                   Foxhurst Lane                  N Rockywood Road              552

Locust Place                  Colonial Parkway           Bayview Avenue                      727

                                                                                                                    Total:    3,939


TNH Manhasset Road Paving Schedule Summer 2021

           Street Name        From                    To                         Linear Feet

           Brinkerhoff La.     Northern Blvd       Fourth Street          889

           George Street      Plandome Rd        Onderdonk Ave       890

           Blenheim Drive    Dover Road          Sussex Drive           883

                                                                (not including intersection recently completed)

           The Gate             Northern Blvd       Village Road           661

           Fairway Lane       Payne Whitney La. CuldeSac north      454

                   (including culdesac; not incl intersection of Country Club Drive recently completed)         

            Flower Lane       Entire Roadway                                  158

            Garden Turn       Entire Roadway                                  117

            Green Terrace     Entire Roadway                                   86

            Bayview Ave       Intersection of West Shore Dr.            100

            South Drive        West Drive           Whitney Place         247

            South Drive        East Drive            Dead end east        241

            Beechwood Ave  Nassau Avenue     Munsey Place         771

            Pickwick Road     Northern Blvd      Quaker Ridge       1,258

            Ridge Drive        West Drive            Dead End              745

                                                                                Total: 7,500


In Summer 2020 was:

Street Name      Start Segment            End Segment        Linear Feet

Lilac Lane       Knickerbocker Rd    Vanderbilt Road      238

East Gate       Northern Blvd         Hilltop Drive           809

Sutton Crest    Aldershot              Sutton Crest Cir      331

Intersection of Sussex Dr and Chapel Road                   25

Sussex Drive   Harrow Lane         Buckminster La        573

Munsey Place   Nassau Ave          Dead end                 901

Lindberg Street Gaynor Avenue    Webster Ave            654

Gaynor Avenue Plandome Road     Dead End East      1,213

Forest Turn       Chapel Road         Dead End               116

Old Estate Rd    Payne Whitney La Country Club Dr      857

Intersection of Fairway and Payne Whitney                   25

South Drive       Whitney Place      East Drive              606

Brinkerhoff La    Northern Blvd      Fourth Street       rolled over into 2021 paving plan

Wood Place        South Drive         Dead End               251

                                                                                                            Sub-Total          6,599


In Summer 2019 was: 

Virginia Drive    Thompson Shore     62 Virginia Dr           850

Nassau Avenue  Park Avenue           Village Line           1,490

Mason Drive      Nassau Avenue       Village Line              130

Hilltop Drive      Vanderbilt Rd         Mill Spring Rd         1,105

Harrow Lane      Dover Road           Searingtown Rd      1,526

 Sutton Crest     Dead Road            Aldershot Lane           470

Eton Crest         Chapel Road          Dead End                  352

Bleinheim Dr      @ Sussex Drive     Intersection                50

Sussex Drive      169 Sussex Drive  169 Sussex Drive        20

Maple Street       @Bayview Ave      Intersection                50

West Drive          Northern Blvd      Dead End                  950

Old Mill Road       Deepdale Drive    Deepdale Drive          339

Locust Street       Bayview Avenue   Dead End                 731

Centre Dr            West Drive           Clapham Ave         1,147

                                                                          Sub-Total   9,210

In Summer 2018 was:

Rockrest Road   Aldershot Lane     E Gate                2,100

Village Road      The Gate             Searingtown Rd   2,080

Albermarle Rd    Chapel Road       Deadend                250

Manhasset Ave   Linden Street     Grindsted Street   1,020

Thomp. Shr Rd   Bayview Ave      Linden Street       1,840

Buckingham Pl   Thomps.Shr Rd   Deadend                290

Mora Court        Buckingham Pl.   Deadend                395

Total linear feet of roads                                        7,975 


In Summer 2017 was:

Aldershot Lane    Chapel Road       Dead End            1,450

Cambridge Lane  Shoreview Road  Bayview Avenue    320

Dewey St.           Bayview Ave.     North to Dead End  450

Foxcroft                          Rockcrest Rd               Aldershot                    913

Old Mill Road       Pickwick Road    Dead End             1,865

Rockcrest Rd.     Aldershot            East Gate            2,100

    [Rockcrest removed due to planned near future utility work, replaced with Dover Rd]

Shorehaven La   Shoreview Rd      Bayview Avenue     550

Shoreview Rd     West Shore Rd    Dead End             1,560

Andover Ln         Shoreview Rd.    Bayview Ave.          325

Exeter Lane        Shoreview Rd.    Bayview Ave.          325

Groton Ln            Shoreview Rd.   Bayview Ave.          390

West Shore Rd  Shoreview Rd.   Bayview Ave.             672

Homewood Rd  West Shore Rd  Shorehaven Ln            574

                                                                                                         Total      11,494


In Summer 2016 was:

Aldershot Lane  from Dover to Chapel Rd
Soundview Crest from Country Club Dr to south to the dead-end
Castle Ridge Rd  from Payne Whitney Lane to Millspring Rd
Circle Crest from Castle Ridge to west to the dead-end
Timber Lane from Soundview Crest to Chapel Rd
Knickerbocker Rd from Old Mill Rd to Country Club Dr
Sherry Hill Lane from Casle Ridge Rd to Chapel Rd
Short Dr from  Old Mill Rd to Millspring Rd

                                         Total linear feet of road : 7,913 

Town Adopts a Tree Code Improvements: Keep North Hemstead Green!

Earlier draft Feb 2021 PROPOSED TNH New Tree Code
Attached are the Feb 2021 draft of the Town's proposed NEW Tree Codes The new code is presented in 3 sections of the affected Town Code documents.
Comments can be emailed to TreeCodeComments@northhempsteadny.gov for consideration and will not be made part of the formal record.
Comments that will be made part of the formal record as part of the upcoming Public Hearing can be emailed to comments@northhempsteadny.gov.
The Public Hearing on these proposals is scheduled to take place at the next Town Board Meeting on March 18, 2021. (www.northhempsteadny.gov/2021-Agendas-Minutes).
TNH Draft Tree Code Proposals 2021-02-22[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [537.0 KB]
Summary of New TNH Tree Code Changes.
Adopted at Town Board meetig on 11/18/21. Proposed UPDATED Tree Code is at: https://northhempsteadny.gov/treepolicy (copy this link into your browser).
Summary TNH Tree Code Proposed Changes 1[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [652.9 KB]

Bye Bye 7 Eleven - Application Withdrawn: In response to the LARGE Manhasset resident opposition, the Applicant HAS WITHDRAWN their Town BZA appeal for a conditional use permit proposed for a 7Eleven at 260 Plandome Rd Manhasset. Our sincere thanks to all who signed the petition!

7 Eleven Presentation Documents 6/10/20
Attached are the presentation documents provided by 7 Eleven 6/9/20
7 Eleven 260 Plandome Rd Updated Present[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [32.6 MB]
7-Eleven Proposed for 260 Plandome Rd site
All GC member feedback and overwhelming majority resident received has been VERY negative, in opposition both for its vehicular-pedestrian traffic impact, and quality of life ('keep 24 hour type retail stores on Northern Blvd, not in our main street business area').
7-Eleven Proposed Plan 260 Plandome Rd M[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [973.6 KB]
Valley Park- 2017 Traffic Signal Study Bayview Ave at Maple St
Town's Traffic Signal Study at "Confusion Corner".. Bayview Ave at Maple St.
Bayview Ave Maple St Signal Warrant Anal[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [370.5 KB]
Valley Park- TRAFFIC & PARKING Problems -Related County DPW site Land Shared Utilization/Transfer 10/8/2014
TRAFFIC AND PARKING REMAIN UNSOLVED surrounding this beautifully renovated park. This Map shows concept of Town planning needed for shared utilization and/or transfer of County DPW site land to help address the current UNSAFE traffic and parking issues.
Manhasset Valley Park Area Town County D[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [238.2 KB]
TNH BTDC Beautification Grant Brochure
Start thinking about potential future projects.
BTDC 2015 Beautification Matching Fund G[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [928.5 KB]
TNH Downtown Beautification Matching Grant Application
BTDC 2015 Downtown Beautification Applic[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [143.6 KB]
TNH- BTDC Downtown Beautification Matching Grant Rules
BTDC 2015 Downtown Beautication Matching[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [219.4 KB]
TNH MJ Davies Green Playground Replacement Project Plan
YEAH- Town's 2018 capital plan completed the replacement of playground equipment at MaryJane Davies Green.
MJD Green Playround TNH Renvoation Plan [...]
Adobe Acrobat document [541.0 KB]
Town Supervisor J Bosworth Letter to DOH on Marijuana Dispensary Concerns
TNH J Bosworth Letter to DOH 2018-09-27[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [418.3 KB]
NYS Sen E Phillips Letter to DOH on Marijuana Dispensary Concerns
NYS Sen E Phillips Letter to DOH 2018-1[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [57.1 KB]

Projects/Issues In and Around Manhasset

Manhasset Library Space Redesign Plan 2019
Library continues planning an interior renovation to address changing Library demands.. more seating capacity, technology facilities meeting space within existing staffing.
Library Space Redesign Project Plan 2019[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [1.4 MB]
Macys Brookfield Manhasset Square Proposed Development Presentation to Greater Council
Macy and Brookfield Asset Managment have partnered in developing the Macys Site on Northern Blvd in Manhasset. See Greater Council meeting minutes 5/8/19 and 6/12/19 for related discussion/ comments. No applications have yet been made to Town for the MANY variances such a project would require. Public hearings would be held after anl application is submitted to Town.
Macys-Brookfield Manhasset Square Presen[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [11.1 MB]
Northwell's Advanced Surgical Pavillion (ASP): North Facade Improvements 6/27/18
The attached presentation shows the results of Northwell-Greentree discussions since Northwell's initial proposed plan. Objective was to reduce the negative visual obtrusive elements of the new building on its neighboring Greentree property, particularly on the view from Greentree's conference center complex, while retaining Northwell's future operational improved healthcare objectives of the new building. Rich B's notes have been added in red ink to help focus on the specific changes. This is the plan we expect will be presented by Northwell at the Town BZA hearing scheduled for July 18, 2018.
Northwell Surgical Pavillion - Greentree[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [9.3 MB]
Northwell NSUH New Advanced Surgical Pavillion- Initial Proposed Plan
Northwell went before the BZA on 10/11/17 for its new building construction plan (see attached presentation to GC). APPEAL #20415 - variances 70-96.6.A, 70-96.9.D, 70-96.9.E, 70-96.12.C, 70-96.13.A(1), 70-19.13.C, & 70-96.11.A to construct an addition to an existing hospital for use as an advanced surgical pavilion exceeding permitted height, with insufficient front yard setbacks, insufficient side yard setbacks, insufficient parking space dimensions, exceeding the maximum height and number of parking area levels, insufficient perimeter landscaping, and insufficient off-street parking; E/Side. #300 Community Dr., 1,766’ S/of Community Dr. E., Manhasset, Sec. 3, Blk. E, Lot 88, Et. Al., H District.
Northwell Surgical Pavillion Presentatio[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [5.4 MB]
1542 Northern Blvd Special Use Application 2019
March 2019 Site plan and variance approved by Town Board including caveat requiring valet parking. Variance terminates if Valet Parking is not maintained!
1542 Northern Site Plan-Special Use Appl[...]
PDF File [268.8 KB]
1542 Northern (Barnes&Noble site) Summary of Required Approvals 2019
1542 Northern Summary of required approv[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [9.5 KB]
1542 Northern Blvd Plans Dec 2018
1542 Northern Drawings Set.Submitted to[...]
PDF File [6.6 MB]
1542 Northern Blvd Architectural Drawings
1542 Northern Architectural Drawings.PDF
PDF File [771.6 KB]
1542 Northern Blvd [Barnes & Noble site] Proposed development 2016
Owner Proposes to Convert 2-story retail store (Barnes & Noble) to medical offices (two-thirds of floor area) and retail (one-third of floor area). NC Planning Commission requested and received Traffic Analysis and expanded Parking Analysis. Commission recommended Local Determination this morning based on the results of the report. The item wasn’t “approved” it was only given the ok to move to the next step of the process. The item will go back to the Town for Town's determination. Will then be returned to Planning Commission again for Site Plan review and then finally back to the Town for its absolute decision. Greater Council has registered its objection as the increased building utilization will cause increased congestion as its sole means of entrance/ exit onto 25A.
1542 Northern Blvd NCPC Zoning staff sum[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [100.6 KB]
Preliminary Site Plan being Proposed at 99 Community Drive (High Street corner)
A separate property owner (not Olive Hill Developer) is exploring possibility of undertaking a Zoning change for this property from Residential to Business use, for either a small medical office or retail business not yet determined. Seeking initial community feedback.
99 Community Drive Proposed Site Plan 4-[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [1.4 MB]
1350 Northern Blvd Northwell Health Sign Variance BZA Hearing 7/19/17
APPEAL #20368 - Northwell Health (Signs), variances 70-196.J(1)(a) and 70-196.J(1)(f) to
erect signage exceeding the permitted height above grade and number of signs on a wall; S/E/cor.
#1350 Northern Blvd. & Brinkerhoff Ln., Manhasset, Sec. 3, Blk. E, Lot 79, B-A District.

A poorly worded summary- While it describes where the building is located, We obtained the attached plans and found the actual sign variance proposed is on the facade, facing the King Kullen parking lot. No sign proposed on Brinkerhoff La nor Northern Blvd facades. Any resident can submit comments to BZA (Fax (516) 869-7812) prior to the hearing, or in person at the hearing. BZA webpage:
1350 Northern Blvd Northwell sign varian[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [1.2 MB]
Lord & Taylor Exterior Signage - Updated Plan Variance
L&T's renovation initial April 2015 exterior sign plan had received a variance, but a revised plan needs new BZA review/ variance. The newest L&T 'logo" has a different shape than the prior logo, and the net affect is a slightly larger sign dimension. As a result, the signs are between 1’ to 1’-4” taller than what was previously approved.  The sign locations and number of signs  remain the same. BZA approved in April 2017 - see attached plans.
Lord Taylor Exterior Sign Plan- Needs B[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [514.4 KB]
Lord & Taylor Expansion Plan 4/22/15
L&T had proposed the expansion near 2010 but never acted on it and the Towns approval had expired. L&T then went through Town Process again in 2015. Attorney described delays needing L&T corporate long term planning that were ultimately resolved. Substantially the same expansion project with two modifications: L&T logo has changed for signs, and retaining wall modifications in parking lot.
LT Updated Proposed Expansion Project Pl[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [10.8 MB]
292 Plandome Rd - Application approved for New Cafe
On corner of Plandome Rd/Park Ave, plans indicate a "coffee shop". TNH Conditional Use permit to convert to food service facility, serving coffees teas and juices, salads and 'on the go' breakfast and lunch- primarily pre-packaged foods, and seeks a variance for insufficient street parking. Target clientele are pedestrians to/from adjacent LIRR. BZA Appeal 20313 was approved w/parking variance. Awaiting construction start date.
292 Plandome Rd Coffee Shop Plans 2017-0[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [1.0 MB]
292 Plandome Rd- Summary of Comments 3/15/17 BZA Appeal #20313
Greater Council member comments submitted to TNH-BZA on this matter.
Comment Summary 292 Plandome Rd BZA Appe[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [46.4 KB]
292 Plandome Rd- Applicant's Submitted Parking Study; BZA Appeal 20313
292 Plandome Rd VHB Parking Analysis 201[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [1.8 MB]
Proposed No Left Turn signs Locust Pl at Colonial Pkwy Plans and Summary
Town approved No Left Turn restriction for traffic southbound on the Plandome Road Spur (which is = the very start of Locust Place), that will prohibit turning left onto Colonial Parkway (eastbound). Summary: Wide support for Town's proposed No Left Turn restriction, the need for focussed police enforcement, and Town's timely repainting of don't block the box and crosswalks, while Town/County produce future long term additional TRAFFIC ENGINEERED improvements that better address longer term solutions for pedestrian safety and traffic flow. See attached plans and consolidated comments (5pgs).
Proposed No Left Turn signs Locust Pl at[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [476.1 KB]
75' Utility Pole and Cell Antenna- Mobilite Shelter Rock Rd @ Northen Blvd
NC Leg Rich Nicollelo alerted Greater Council to this application submitted to Nassau County DPW. GC requested background narrative and that no NC DPW action be taken until the community has time to review and comment. The Q&A response from the applicant and the 75ft pole / antenna plans attached. Thus far, Greater Council is in unanimous STRONG OPPOSITION to this project.
Mobilitie Pole Antenna Plans w Narrative[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [5.2 MB]

Medical Marijuana Facility Documents

TNH Proposed legislation restricting locations of medical marijuana facilities
Town legislation adopted to restrict the location of Medical Marijuana facilities within Town of North Hempstead, and bans sale of recreational marijuana. Med Men WITHDRAWS its application to move Medical Marijuana facility currently in Lake Success to Manhasset.
TNH Proposed Local Law - Chapter 70 - Me[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [364.8 KB]
TNH Proposed legislation banning medical marijuana facilities from selling recreational marijuana
Latest draft of proposed Town legislation to ban any approved Medical Marijuana facilities within Town of North Hempstead from selling recreational marijuana in the event NYS legalizes recreational marijuana. Town Board plans a public hearing at its Nov 20, 2018 meeting, followed by a Town Board vote.
TNH Proposed Local Law - Chapter 70 - Ma[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [1'009.2 KB]
TNH Press Release Legislation to Address Medical Marijuana Facilities
North Hempstead Proposes Bi-Partisan Legislation to Address Clustering of Medical Marijuana Facilities in Town
TNH Action on Medical Marijuana new laws[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [264.2 KB]
MedMen Presentation to CGMCA
see also GC "meetings" tab for 10/10/18 meeting summary of presentation discussion
Microsoft Power Point presentation [25.4 MB]

click on flyer to enlarge


Link to online petition : if link doesnt work block copy paste the following address into your browser:https://www.thepetitionsite.com/994/002/577/say-no-to-marijuana-dispensaries-near-school-and-residential-area/


ConcernedManhasset residents plan a Rally Sunday 10/14 from 11:30am to 1pm at Mary Jane Davies Green.


MedMen - a medical marijuana facilty - has submitted an application to Town of North Hempstead to open a store at current Slepp Number store - 1575 Northern Blvd. All are welcomed.


see photo below of MedMen's flagship 5th Ave store... galmorizing marijuana- even it was made by Gucci, does Manhasset want a similar facility?

1575 Northern Blvd MedMen Application & Site Plan
1575 Northern Blvd MedMen Application Si[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [6.0 MB]

TD Bank Plans for Corner of Northern Blvd at Plandome Rd

Update: 8/7/17: TD Bank has withdrawn its applicationsBank attorney has advised while no official bank statement has yet been issued, we believe the withdrawal is based on a TD Bank wide corporate strategy change in their prior brick and mortar branches, and not anything specific to the Manhasset site that was in process.


Update 10/26/16: Public Hearing resulted in Town Board's approval of the proposed parking changes as recommended by Town Traffic Techician (revisions were not initiated by the applicant, TD Bank).


Town plans Parking modifications related to and necessitated by ther already approved TD Bank site plan. Click on image at left to view the diagram.


Town's actions sparked some community concerns of 'parking spaces being taken away' but the plan is exactly what is needed and was planned with significant community and civic input. Concern is naturally caused by the current legalize of the Town's worded action - it does tend cloud the issue at hand.


The Town action formally removes the current  two parking spaces currently in front of the Plandome Rd businesses (the nail salon & test prep house structure) that are being demolished pursuant to the already approved site plan for TD bank. At GC's recommendation, TD Bank intentionally moved the driveway/ curb cut farther northward on Plandome Rd,  in order to increase safety and improve traffic flow exiting from the bank. Town's Traffic techician also recommends removal of 3 spaces on the northbound side of street for improved safety. While always unfortunate to reduce available street parking, many acknowledge the inherent underlying safety improvement


The planned action SUPPORTS improved traffic flow and safety by:
(1) an increase of the available queuing distance (as opposed to the current curb cuts) from the Northern Blvd traffic light, providing more space for exiting TD Bank vehicles to move into the southbound Plandome Rd left turn lanes and make the left  turn onto eastbound Northern Blvd, AS WELL AS
(2) provides the means for exiting cars from TD Bank's lot to make a left turn onto Northbound Plandome Rd, consistent to address the Norgate neighborhood residential concerns. This helps reduce exiting TD Bank customers that might otherwise make right turn onto southbound Northern Blvd then "circle back" through the local narrow Norgate roadways (already plagued as a common 'short cut') to get back onto northbound Plandome Rd. 


Overall, traffic studies predict the volume of traffic as a BANK is likely to be FAR LESS than the traffic congestion of the current gas station. Review the documents below if you want to learn more. Town is doing exactly what the community requested and is encouraged to adopt these planned parking changes.

Sign Plan Proposed by TD Bank
TD Bank Architect's rendering and proposed sign plan that was approved by TNH and BZA. Construction to begin Spring 2018 with est completion (branch opening) in summer 2019.
Proposed TD Bank 1301 Northern Blvd Sign[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [1.9 MB]
Update 7/12/16: Revised Plan Drawings TD Bank 1301 Northern Blvd
Update 7/12/16 5:45pm - I received from TD and posted an updated rendering that now show TD awnings and revised building facade signage. On 7/12/16 Town Board Meeting for public comment. Town Board Agenda link (cut/paste): http://publicagenda.northhempsteadny.gov/MeetingView.aspx?MeetingID=134&MinutesMeetingID=-1&doctype=Agenda
Proposed TD Bank 1301 Northern Blvd Revi[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [6.3 MB]
TD Bank Plandome Rd at Northern Blvd Plans
Proposed new TD bank structure to replace existing retail building, formerly Bellini Furniture, and BP Gas station with NC Planning Comm & TNH notes. The modern facade design was unanimously rejected. TD Bank provided subsequent facade designs at the June 8, 2016 Greater Council meeting, as well as incorporating all other requested revisions Greater Council had made.
Proposed TD Bank 1301 Northern Blvd Plan[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [14.4 MB]

Citibank vs TD Bank Building Design – Why are circumstances so different?

in 2008 Christ Episcopal Church began the process to sell its adjacent Parish House that had initially been built as a school, but was never actually used as a school. The need to sell was to sustain the Church and parish itsself. The church initially proposed a multilevel housing complexthat was unilaterally rejected by the community and neighboring homes which convinced Town to NOT approve that plan and zoning change. The pastor worked tirelessly with community groups and developers for several years on alternatives acceptable to the community. Most proposals involved demolishing the Parish House structure that had fallen victim to years of deferred maintenance. Housing development proposals were plentiful but had all been undesireable to the community. The  developer (M Puntillo) then proposed a way to save and totally renovate the Parish House building into small professional offices and a child care facility.  Since rents of internal Parish House tenants were projected to be insufficient to cover the needed restoration loan, the plan required building an adjacent structure on the property whose commercial lease would provide the additional funds needed to sustain the costly total renovation /restoration of the beautiful gothic style Parish House building. At that time, and after rejecting most retail type tenants, the only willing tenant was Citibank, which sought to relocate from its former Macy’s shopping center location. Citibank had a single ‘design’ used at all its newest free standing new construction. Citibank flatly refused to negotiate its design in a ‘take it as designed, or leave’ position. Most involved parties had the common goal to save this historical structure in our community.  At about the same time, the Manhasset community had just ‘lost forever’ the historic Inisfada (St Ignatius Retreat House) battle that resulted in its demolition of the historic Gold Coast era mansion to make way for yet another planned gated housing development.  Unfortunately the Inisfada sale to Hong Kong developers was a process totally under the jurisdiction of the Inc. Village of North Hills, and the resident’s outcry to save that building fell upon deaf ears. Thus, the community's input to the Town process at the Christ Church Parish House site ended up supporting the plan that saved and restored the grand Parish House building, but which necessitated accepting Citibank's very modern style building on the Parish House site which opened in 2014. 

    A few years later now in 2016 and a few blocks west at Plandome Rd/ 25A, TD Bank initially proposed a similar to Citibank's very modern design structure, but met with community civic leaders before intitiating the Town process. TD's modern design was initially totally rejected by community civic leaders. However, the two key differences are that the TD bank site has no such historical structure, and that TD Bank remained in discussions with the community to achieve a more acceptable building design that now includes more colonial style elements and better fits the community desires for this ‘entrance gateway” property along our downtown.
     Of course, we can all sit back and question whether Manhasset really needs nother bank (most agree we do not), but there is no law that prevents a bank on commercial zoned property. It's obvious there is wealth in and around Manhasset and banks desire to be near wealth. Whether the Town can or should have an architectural review process in its building code and approval process (whcih would need to cover the entire Town from the Queesns border to the Westbury, can indeed be debated at nausium, but fact remains that there no such process. Solutions involving municipal process changes are generally impractical to ever be enacted since they frequently involve either increased regulation and/or additional taxation; Thus not popular to most residents. Such requirements are commonly adopted within much smaller areas such as incorporated villages or business improvement districts that can set strcter rules and have independent taxing authority. While Manhasset area building owners can't be forced into such colonialization façade design elements by law, we DO already see fruits of our labor - “voluntary” changes - colonial type shutters on several buildings already appearing.

    All in all, while its not the perfect architectural design, akin to the nearby Apple Bank and Chase's Munsey Park bank building designs, but its far better than the modern design TD Bank initially proposed.  Amidst all these factors, Greater Council continues to encourage voluntary cooperation by Owners/tenants towards more planning colonialization style elements throughout our downtown commercial area buildings.

Proposed development at 99 Community Drive
The property is now zoned for Residential "C" Use, and the owner seeks a change to Business "A" for either medical office or retail business.Attached is the preliminary proposed site plan.
99 Community Drive Proposed Site Plan 4-[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [1.4 MB]

Manhasset Map: Map link

Sponsor A Plandome Rd Flag! Flyer / Application
Complete the form, print and mail to American Legion (address on form)
American Legion Sponsor a Plandome Rd Fl[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [619.0 KB]
Olive Hill NYS-DEC Brownfield Fact Sheet March 2015
Public Comment Period ends May 1, 2015. This is the anticipated brownfield CleanUp plan associated with this site contamination that had occurred while site was a LILCO property in 1920's thru 1961.
Olive Hill NYS-DEC Fact Sheet March 2015[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [308.8 KB]
Olive Hill Traffic Study Sept 2014
Olive Hill - Traffic Engineering Report [...]
Adobe Acrobat document [3.7 MB]
Olive Hill Development Update 12/10/14
Presented to Greater Council at 12/10/14 meeting
Olive Hill at Manhasset - Project Update[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [114.4 KB]

The Mt Olive Church site on High Street/ Community Drive is now in the TNH Planning Dept review stage. A Public Hearing  is planned to appear on the Town Board agenda for Nov 18, 2014. The SEQRA Public Comment period will end Nov 28, 2014.

Synopsis: The proposed action is for the rezoning from 'Residence-C' to 'Senior Residence' and subsequent construction of a 72-unit senior multiple residence on a 3.19-acre parcel. Tentative Hearing Date is November 18, 2014. 

Name of Project: Olive Hill at Manhasset  
Location:     High Street, Manhasset, Town of North Hempstead, Nassau County, New York. Section 2, Block 347, Lots 16 and 17
Applicant:    GG Acquisitions, LLC;  

The proposed action consists of a change of zone of a 3.19-acre parcel from Residence C (RC) to Senior Residence (R-S) in order to accommodate 72 age-restricted senior affordable housing units. Specifically, the redevelopment of the subject property will include the removal of 3.19 acres of natural vegetation and a 276-square foot dilapidated asphalt paved area to allow for the construction of a 3-story L-shaped building (60,450 gross square-feet)  that will comprise of 42 one-bedroom units and 24  two-bedroom units. The proposed senior development will contain 97 parking spaces including 6 handicap accessible spaces along with associated landscaping and appurtenances. There will be an approximate 23-foot wide buffer zone between the proposed action and the existing single-family residential houses located north of the project site, along High Street. Access to the site will be provided by a 20-foot wide paved driveway from Community Drive.  

The complete Draft Environmental Impact Statement and its exhibits are avaibale online at the TNH Planning Dept Webpage (Impact Statement is 125 pages; Appendices: 880 pages):


PSEG-LI North Shore University Hospital Electric Project: Project Roadwork commenced in May 2015 and is ongoing with much work being completed off hours to minimize d traffic disruption. This underground electric line project, fully funded by NS/LIJ will bring needed additional electric capacity to the hospital complex on Community Drive. This will affect traffic on East Shore Rd and Community Drive thru June 2015. Avoid delays by using alternative routes. The plan for the roadway digging will occur in 3 'phases'. East Shore Rd (along Manhasset Valley Park east side of road), then crossing Northern Blvd (tunneled underground to reduce the obvious traffic flow impact), and Community Drive from 25A to the hospital. The time frame for each individual phase is likely to change frequently based on field progress and weather conditions.  Learn more at:

PSEG-LI 3 yr rate case filing 2016-2018: See NYS Dept of Public Service - Long Island Region webpage: Matter Number 15-00262: Long Island Power Authority and PSEG Long Island Three-Year Rate Plan. PUBLIC HEARING 3/4/15@ 7pm in Mineola:http://www.dps.ny.gov/longisland/pr15018psegli.pdf 

Manhasset Area Utility Pole Issues Linger Unresolved 6/3/15
Manhasset Area Utility Pole Related cond[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [697.8 KB]

Judi Bowsworth, Supervisor
Anna Kaplan, Councilwoman
Town of North Hempstead

More than a year has passed since the Spring 2014.  PSEG Long Island Port Washington to Great Neck Overhead Transmission Project. Town residents have been left with many of the new tall poles having what appear to residents with no publicly dissemination of a remediation  plan and time frame. Unsightly and hazardous conditions - dangling wires, obstructing sidewalks that are no longer ADA compliant, needed sidewalk repairs, and double poles that remain resulting from that project. In addition, other high pedestrian congested areas that are not involved in that specific Port W to Great Neck capital project are regularly observed that have proliferated and remained unresolved over the years, having similar lingering incompletion resulting in side by side utility pole duplication and sidewalks left in disrepair, as evidenced in the recent photo's (see above).

The problems seem overwhelming to individually follow-up on... Is there any coordinated Town plan underway that address advancing action including individual site location identification, monitoring on the yet incomplete field conditions that relate to the 2014 PSEG Long Island Port Washington to Great Neck Overhead Transmission Project , and conditions caused by other past utility projects, and how might Greater Council best assist such Town efforts in a collaborative approach to get action from the involved regulatory agency(ies) and utility companies?

Rich Bentley, President
Council of Greater Manhasset Civic Associations

Town Urges Feds to Ban Penta - news article 3/4/15
Newsday Article: http://www.newsday.com/long-island/towns/north-hempstead-supervisor-bosworth-calls-for-federal-ban-of-penta-wood-preservative-1.9826994

Manhasset Times Article:http://www.theislandnow.com/great_neck/bosworth-calls-on-epa-to-ban-penta-from-utility-poles/article_1f75f77a-b247-11e4-9872-47901c0adaba.html
PortWash News PENTA Poles 3-4-15.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [1.4 MB]
Letter to MLWD to Support Rejection of EPA Penta Renewal of Approved Use
Approved at GC 12/10/14 meeting
GC to MLWD on PENTA ReRegistation EPA 2[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [589.3 KB]
Penta Chemical Use is up for EPA renewal- We need the EPA to BAN Penta.
sign the petition to ban Penta. This chemical treatment of utility poles is a known carcinogen but was previously approved for use by the EPA. That chemical's registration as an approved treatment is now up for renewal and we are urging the EPA to NOT approve its renewal. See the petition at:
Petition to Ban PentaChloroPhenol 12.07[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [3.0 MB]
Urge Manhasset Lakeville Water District to Support EPA Ban of Penta
Request MLWD to support Ban of Penta 12-[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [1.4 MB]

PSEG Overhead Transmission Project: This PSEG-LI project to provide backup electric power between the Great Neck and Port Washington peninsulas is generating much concern by residents.

              Town Tables Action on Telephone Pole Law; See MTimes article 7/18/14.

Plandome Rd Vision Project Documents

Chamber of Commerce Beautification Items Oct 2018
A draft for discussion of Chamber Related Efforts on Plandome Rd Business Area
Chamber of Commerce Map of Plandome road[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [689.7 KB]
Beautify Manhasset - Plandome Rd Gumball Tree Project
Read the pdf document, then view slide show link at the end. A CSM initiated effort to remove/replace Sweet Gum trees
Beautify Manhasset Program -Tree Coaliti[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [110.7 KB]

2014 Update; Phase 1 Widening of Manhasset Ave. After years of planning and delays in Nassau County approval (the county controls all traffic light intersections), telephone poles have been moved, and the former defunct police booth removed, this TNH project is planned for completion in summer 2104. TNH will widen Manhasset Ave, creating a new additional eastbound Manhasset Ave right lane. The new additional lane will allow eastbound Manhasset Ave thru traffic to Andrew St as well as right turn traffic onto Southbound Plandome Rd. The left lane will allow left turns onto northbound Plandome Rd.

2013 Update on Plandome Rd Left Turn Lane at 25A: During the August 2012 TNH Plandome Rd Repaving Project, the contractor IN ERROR shortened the length of the southbound Plandome Rd Left Turn Lane onto Eastbound 25A. Efforts to extend the Turn Lane even longer than its prior length were successful in Spring 2013 - Many thanks to Councilwoman Anna Kaplan.

10/17/12 Update: TNH has chosen to modify the NYS-DOT "Safe Routes to Schools" grant project (phase 1 of the Plandome Rd Vision Project) scope of work to remove all paving work. NYSDOT had required use of a highway grade asphalt- 4 times the cost of routine roadway asphalt, which would have depleted/exceeded available project funding. TNH chose a more cost effective approach- to have TNH do all paving work so that normal grade asphalt can be used. TNH submitted a revised scope of work and continues to await NYSDOT approval of the final project bid documents.

8/18/12 Update: It was the original intent "Plan A" to complete the Safe Routes to Schools (SRS) Grant project - covering Plandome Rd from Memorial Place to Park Ave. - as well as TNH's repaving of the remaining segments of Plandome Rd, as well as the County owned portion of Plandome Rd through Plandome Heights all concurrently in summer 2012. A good, well coordinated plan but by mid July, two factors arose making it impossible to acheive:

  • NYS-DOT had still not yet approved final bid documents on the "Safe Routes to Schools" grant project (giving insufficient time to enable bid out & contract process),
  • Manhasset Lakeville Water District's (MLWD) water main replacement project in Plandome Heights was expanded to include some work on Plandome Rd itself. It makes most prudent sense to wait for the MLWD work to be completed BEFORE any repaving of the Plandome Rd roadway in that area.

Therefore, the TNH's "Plan B" was enacted:

  1. Complete the TNH's 'interim solution' of repaving of Plandome Rd before Labor Day as the TNH promised. This began August 15, 2012.
  2. Once NYS DOT approves the SRS project documents, the SRS section of Plandome Rd will be implemented. As of mid Aug 2012, the likely estimate is now mid Fall 2012 (time for bidding, execute contract, then implementation). Yes, its 2014 now and still not yet executed.
  3. Once MLWD project is completed, the repaving of the County Owned Plandome Rd portions through Plandome Heights was completed.
Plandome Rd Vision; Phase 1 May 2012 Community-wide Meeting Summary
TNH Mtg Held 5/1/12 @ MHS Cafeteria.
Plandome Rd Vision Project Mtg Sum 5-1-1[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [16.6 KB]
Plandome Rd Vision Project: Community Wide Feedback Summary as of May 2012
TNH held community wide mtgs 2-23-10 and 5-1-12 @ MHS Cafe to review the Vision Project Plan and its first Phase 1 implementation. Summary of issues Raised w/current status.
Plandome Rd Vision - Community Feedback [...]
Adobe Acrobat document [16.9 KB]
GC letter to NC Plandome Rd repaving thru Vill Plandome Heights
Town, County and Village attempted to repave this 0.3 county owned section of Plandome Rd concurrently with TNH Summer 2012 Plandome Rd repaving project.
Plandome Rd Nass Cty Repave thru Plandom[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [87.8 KB]
GC meeting with TNH: Plandome Rd Vision Project Update 4-25-12
Attached is the draft of the meeting held. TNH has not yet provided the updated plans; will be re-posted when finalized.
Plandome Rd Vision Plan Update Meeting S[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [19.9 KB]
Town's Plandome Rd Vision Plan Presentation
The Town's Vision Plan Presentations. Apologies that some slides are photocopies that were not available in their original resolution quality.
TNH Plandome Rd Visioning Presentation 2[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [2.9 MB]
Plandome Rd Vision Letter to Editor 2-16-10
Encourages community participation at the 2/23/10 meeting; Explains the planned project "phase approach'. Phase 1 (Memorial Place to Park Ave) funding was secured under NYS-DOT Safe Routes to Schools
Plandome Rd Vision Meeting letter to Edi[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [56.9 KB]
Plandome Rd Vision Project - Stakeholders Meeting Summary 1-21-10
The Plandome Rd Vision Project Stakeholders Committee last met on 1-21-10 to prepare for the community wide meeting on 2-23-10.
Plandome Rd Vision Project Meeting Summa[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [19.0 KB]
Plandome Rd Vision Project- Map draft concepts
Conceptual plans of the Plandome Rd Vision Project Phased Implementation
PLandome Rd Vision Map 1-21-10.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [308.3 KB]
1998 Town Centennial Street Fair Program
A Town and Chamber of Commerce sponsored event held in 1998.
Plandome Rd Manhasset Chamber Centennial[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [4.4 MB]

Plandome Rd Parking Committee

This committee, originally organized in June 2012 by Town of North Hempstead, was reconvened starting in January 2013 with participation of TNH, Chamber of Commerce, Civics, Residents, Manhasset Park District, Inc Village Mayors, as well as Plandome Rd Commercial Landlord/Owners. The committee meets monthly on 2nd Monday of each month through June. Meetings suspended in 2014 when Town and MPD litigation began over 61 Locust St building demolition Town permit matter (MPD exempt or not Exempt from Town process) and MPD withdrew their participation from this parking committee. It is noted that MPD contiues their efforts to identify sites where additional parking can be accomplished.

MPD Proposed Plan to Reconfigure MPD Lot#3- aka 'South Lot' to Create 16 new additional parking spaces.
The South Lot is between Memorial Place and Manhasset Ave, just west of MJDavies Green. Proposed plan and existing plan is attached. The new entrance/exits would be relocated to the small roadway between the MPD lot and Town parking, just west of the MJDavies Green playground. All Greater Council feedback thus far has been supportive for this plan. MPD submitted to Town Summer 2015, awaiting Town IMA approval expected in Dec 2017.
MPD proposed site plan South Lot April 2[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [610.2 KB]
BZA Hearing 4/1/15 17 Myrtle St Condition Use as Commercial Parking Lot
17 Mrytle St BZA Appeal 19408 Hearing 4-[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [398.2 KB]
The very short version is that the BZA explained they do not the authority to enforce or change policy.  That would fall under the responsibilities of Town Code Enforcement and Town Board respectively.  Their only authority in the matter is to decide whether the owners qualify for a renewal of their conditional use permit.  While David, Paul and I tried to convince the BZA that the conditions of the area and the needs of the community have changed since this original permit was issued we were unsuccessful in convincing the Board to deny or delay renewal of the permit.  One of the members explained that the BZA is obligated to uphold "administrative consistency," meaning that unless they have a valid legal reason or demonstration of some negative environmental impact that would cause denial of such a permit, they are required to renew the permit.  This application is NOT considered as if it were a new permit.  
While we were unsuccessful in even obtaining a delay in decision, some success was accomplished through the experience.  The BZA encouraged us to speak directly to the property owners to discuss the use and possible sale or lease of the property by Manhasset Park District.  The attorney for the owners said they have never been approached by anyone asking to buy or lease the property. The couple relies on the income from this property as they are an older couple.   We are pleased that a conversation has been started and hope that this could lead to better use of the property in the future to suit the needs of our community.
Parking Committee Meeting Summary 3/10/14
Minutes are draft until approved at following meeting.Members that were present should contact Co_Chair Ed Wassmer with any suggested revisions needed.
Parking Committee Minutes 3-10-14.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [72.5 KB]
Parking Committee Meeting Summary 2/10/14
Parking Committee Minutes 2-10-14.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [71.2 KB]
Parking Committee Meeting Summary 1/13/14
Parking Committee Minutes 1-13-14.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [143.4 KB]
Parking Committee Meeting Summary 12/9/13
Parking Committee Minutes 12-9-13.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [53.8 KB]
Parking Committee Meeting Summary 11/12/13
Parking Committee Minutes 11-12-13.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [82.5 KB]
Parking Committee Action Item List
Parking Committee Action Items 11-22-13.[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [68.4 KB]
Plandome Rd Commission 1998 Long Term Planning Concepts
Conceptual design options to expand the existing MPD shopper parking lot with all contiguous rear parking lots along Bayview Ave, consolidates into 1 larger parking lot w/ improved vehicle and pedestr
Plandome Road Commission-Long Term Conce[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [8.4 MB]
Parking Committee Agenda 11/12/13
Includes questions to Town Attorney's issues relating to parking codes and enforcment.
Plandome Rd Parking Committee Meeting Ag[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [645.7 KB]
Parking Committee Meeting Summary 10/7/13
Plandome Rd Parking Committee Meeting Su[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [31.4 KB]
Parking Committee Meeting Summary 9/9/13
Plandome Rd Parking Committee Meeting Su[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [14.8 KB]
MPD SUMMER 2013 REPORT 9-9-13.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [64.7 KB]
MPD Report on Carports 6/7/13 - For Discussion
This is intended for committee discussion purposes only; MPD has not yet been any action taken on carports other than its studying the potential.
MPD Carport Report 6-7-13.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [127.6 KB]
MPD Locust Lot Carport Concept sketches
The are not actual architect drawings; they are premilinary sketches intended only to conceptualize a carport.
MPD Locust Lot Carport Concept 5-27-13.p[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [6.4 MB]
Parking Committee Meeting Summary 5-13-13
Meeting summaries are not official until they are approved at subsequent meeting. Attendeed at this meeting are asked to review and submit any needed revisions to Ed Wassmer.
Plandome Rd Parking Committee Meeting Su[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [14.3 KB]
Parking Committee Meeting Summary 4-10-13
Plandome Rd Parking Committee Meeting Su[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [13.7 KB]
Parking Committee Meeting Summary 3-11-13
Plandome Rd Parking Committee Meeting Su[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [52.0 KB]
MPD Report on Manhasset Traffic
Provided by David PaTerson for discussion.
MPD Manhasset Traffic Report March 2013.[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [106.2 KB]
Plandome Rd Merchant Employee Parking Survey and Results
Plandome Rd area merchants survey. Results show employee parking spaces total need is near 221.
Plandome Rd Merchant Parking Survey Feb [...]
Adobe Acrobat document [807.5 KB]
Agenda 3-11-13
Vision Long Island has done many prior project relating to community downtown area planning. Let's learn from them! Please arrive on time so that presentation can begin promptly.
Plandome Rd Parking Committee Agenda 3-1[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [92.9 KB]
Parking Committee Meeting Summary 2-11-13
Plandome Rd Parking Committee Meeting Su[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [68.4 KB]
Parking Committee Meeting Summary 1-14-13
Plandome Rd Parking Committee Meeting Su[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [55.7 KB]
Parking Committee Agenda 1-14-13
Parking Committee Agenda 1-14-13.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [15.4 KB]
Open Letter to TNH on MPD's Parking Meter Plan for Plandome Rd & Side Streets
At its 11/14/12 meeting, Greater Council learned of Manhasset Park District's expedited negotiations with Town on a plan for Plandome Rd parking meters. Greater Council urges Town to imminently reconv
Plandome Rd Parking Meters letter to TNH[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [72.8 KB]
Parking Meters On Plandome Rd (!?) Editorial
ManhPressEditorial 11-23-120001.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [684.2 KB]
DRAFT Agreement w/ TNH and MPD on Plandome Rd Metered Parking
This is DRAFT (11-19-12) agreement for discussion purposes only- As of Dec 12, TNH has committed to STOP negotiations with MPD on this unless a community consensus is reached on study of parking relat
IMA TNH- MPD w Parking Map.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [1.2 MB]
CSM Study- Commercial Parking Plandome Rd - July 2008
The Coalition for a Safer Manhasset reviewed and submitted recommendations to TNH regarding Commercial Parking issues near Plandome Rd. July 2008.
CSM- Project Truck Stop July 2008.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [1.8 MB]
TNH Plandome Rd Traffic and Parking Study 3-15-2007
Study by RBA Group, NY NY at the onset of Town of NH's Plandome Rd Vision Process Planning.
Plandome Rd Traffic and Parking Study TN[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [8.4 MB]
MPD Parking Study Feb 24 1953
Half Century Ago: Parking Meters on Plandome Rd is not a new idea - here's a 1953 study. However, clear to see that Manhasset rejected Parking Meters on Plandome Rd back in 1953 and now again in 2012!
Plandome Rd Parking Study MPD Feb 1953.p[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [3.6 MB]

Manhasset Valley Park Renovation Project

The Town of North Hempstead's Valley Park Project began in late August 2012 and opened with Jim Brown Field dedication in Spring 2013. Restroom structure with vending area planned for Spring 2015. Remaining project scope timeframe not yet determined for playground and Army Corp of Engineers creek dredging time frame.


See related Town-County Shared Utilization planning document (link) for the Bayview Ave/ Maple St intersection and surrounding area.

MVP Playground Detail Plan 2016-04-27
2 pages- detail and architect rendering
Valley Park Playground detail drawing 20[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [732.0 KB]
Valley Park- New Comfort Station Location is Confirmed
Same location as presented in initial 2012 Park Renovation Plan
Valley Park- Proposed New Comfort Statio[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [296.6 KB]
Manhasset Valley Park Renovation Plan 4-25-12
Includes New Site Plan, current aerial view, and new planting detail drawings as of 4-25-12. Project meetings continue so may have new modifications not shown here
Manhasset Valley Park Project Plan as of[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [3.8 MB]
Adjacent to Valley Park : NC DPW Dump Site Fence Project
NC DPW Dump Site 11030.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [374.1 KB]
Manhasset Valley Park Grand Re-Opening Invitation Sat 4-27-13
Sat 4/7/13 Noon: Featuring NFL Hall of Famer Jim Brown- A Family Event for the Community; Ribbon Cutting
MVP Opening Postcard 4-27-13.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [1.4 MB]
Valley Park TNH Resolution on Equinox Parking Agreement
Text of the TNH Board approved resolution regarding an agreement to be prepared for Equinox use of Valley Park Parking Lot during weekday daytime hours of 9am to Noon.
Valley Park Equinox Parking TNH Resoluti[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [87.9 KB]

Dec 2012 Greater Council feedback to TNH (Councilwoman Kaplan) on the Proposed Equinox Agreement: General conept of the shared use parking lot agreement with Equinox seems a worthy plan. Enter/exiting traffic from Equinox onto Bayview Ave is already a dangerous area, so moving its parking to the Valley Park during morning rush traffic should help that segment of the roadway. However, of greatest concern is that there is NO plan on that roadway nor the intersection of Maple St and Bayview Avenue for pedetrian croissings. TNH has to date implemented only a temporary traffic calming solution by adding a 3 way stop sign. Indeed the 3 way stop has calmed traffic, but many drivers simply dont know the lawful right-of-way, making it a continued source of driver confusion. Prior to executing an agreement with Equinox, a safer pedestrian friendly roadway and intersection is required since the agreement will add considerably more pedestrian traffic to an already problematic intersection. Once the park renovation is complete, even more pedestrian traffic is expected through this intersection requiring a long term soltuoin plan for the intersection. Nassau County has already expressed willingness to consider permitting use and renovation of County Land at the NC Public Works property entrance to help design a safer intersection.

Manh Valley Park Project Update Meeting Held with TNH 4-25-12
GC met with TNH. The document now includes total project cost and planned funding sources as provided by Councilwoman Kaplan's office.
Manhasset Valley Park Project Update Mtg[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [29.2 KB]

Bayview Ave Waterfront Project

Update 10/4/15: FEMA has two types of grants as a result of a storm. 406-Fix any damage and 404-mitigate any issues that are found in a region affected by the storm, but not necessarily damaged. For Bayview Ave we applied for both grants. The 406 grant was approved to replace the approximately 0.1 acre of land that was lost along Bayview Ave. This grant has been approved.

The second grant for the sea wall was under the 404 section. To date the Town has not heard about any of our applications for this pot of funding. This pot is highly competitive. We applied for a project at Crescent Drive in Roslyn after a December 2010 storm and we were finally awarded in April 2013. We had the only award on Long Island for that storm. The process is lengthy. There is scoring in Albany followed by scoring in Washington DC. We have approximately 7 grants pending. Nothing has been denied, but no answer on when we might hear. Along with the Town, every municipality applied for various 404 projects throughout Long Island after Sandy; only one in Island Park has been awarded to date.

Bayview Ave Waterfront FEMA Grant June 2015
A grant through the FEMA Public Assistance Program was awarded in June 2015 for an estimated $205,000 to restore, fill and stabilize approximately 165 linear feet x 21 feet of property along Bayview Avenue for land that was lost during Super Storm Sandy. (Approximately 0.1 acre) Restoring this property will further protect Bayview Avenue from possible damage from future storms.See attached application for all the exact dimensions. In this program, FEMA pays for the repair of the description of work to be completed. At this time it is estimated to be $205K, however if the costs come back higher when the bids are sent out, FEMA will reimburse based on actual costs to complete the work.
TNH received FEMA approval on that project in June. DPW is in the process of writing the RFP.
Bayview Ave Shoreline Roadway Stabilizat[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [463.0 KB]
Bayview Avenue Waterfront - Shore and Roadway Stablization Project
This longstanding community supported project is to re-stablize the waterfront and roadway along Manhasset Bay southern headwaters (near LIRR tressle overpass to GreatNeck) along Bayview Avenue, Manhasset where during storm surges, Bayview Avenue becomes submerged. The Town has supported the plan and is seeking grant funding to advance the project. The Town's most recent (2012) post-Sandy grant application to FEMA is attached.
TNH Grant Application to FEMA PW4482 - B[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [389.6 KB]
Bayview Ave Waterfront Project Follow-Up to Supervisor Kaiman 2005
BCA Manhasset Bay Project to JK 2005.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [43.3 KB]
Town Legacy Trail- Bayview Avenue Waterfront
A 2001 rendering of a concept plan for a Town of North Hemstead "Legacy Trail" that would include the Bayview Avenue waterrfront area.
TNH Legacy Trail - Bayview Ave Waterfron[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [11.0 MB]
Bayview Avenue Waterfront Proposal 1996
Bayview Civic Assn efforts to Upgrade the Waterfront along Bayview Avenue from the Maple Street intersection to West Shore Rd.
BCA Bayview Ave Waterfront Proposal 1996[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [1.1 MB]

Other Miscellaneous Projects

1111 Northern Blvd (Mobil Station) Updated Building site plan 2019
After long delay, the prior Town approved permits had expired. Attached are updated current plans for permit application. Owner J DeMeo assures the GC requested architectural elements of fieldstone along facade base and slate roof tiling are included, but using modern materials.
1111 Northern Blvd Mobil Station Plans -[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [12.9 MB]
New concept for facade - comments welcomed
1111 Northern Blvd Mobil Station Plans -[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [188.3 KB]
1111 Northern Blvd; Mobil Gas Station Plans to Covert to Minimart
At the October GC meeting, the owner presented the design. Members only stated concern was that the new proposed building design looses all the architectural elements of the current structure which far better matches the Manhasset Neighborhood. GC requested owner reconsider facade elements that retain a more "colonial look" such as stone on the facade, slate look shingles on roof mansard, shutters, etc...
1111 Northern Blvd Mobil Station Plans.p[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [4.8 MB]
1111 Northern Blvd Mobil Station Proposed Conversion of Repair Garage to 24Hr Convenience Store
After TNH Bdlg Dept and NC Planning Commission process; current in TNH BZA process. The automotive repair portion of the building is proposed to be converted to a convience store.
1111 Northern Blvd BZA Case 19657 docume[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [1.6 MB]
LIRR Brownfield Clean Up Soil Test diagrams
the diagrams show the locations where soil test samples were taken (requested by residents near site)
LIRR Virginia Drive, Manhasset DEC Site [...]
Adobe Acrobat document [1.0 MB]
LIRR Brownfield CleanUp NYS-DEC Public Comment Extended to 4/10/15
Manhasset site is on LIRR trackside property adjacent to Virginia Drive @ Thompson Shore Rd intersection.
NYS-DEC Project Fact Sheet Manhasset N10 (LIRR) Site #V00396, Virginia Drive & Tracks (copy and paste into your browser):
LIRR Manhasset Brownfield CleaUp Project[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [35.9 KB]
Memorial Field Architectural Plans Spring 2015
The Fall 2014 Manhasset School District Bond Referendum includes Memorial Field Upgrades in its Phase 1 projects. These are the Spring 2015 Architect Plans associated with the bid process for this project.
Memorial FIELD Archit Plans TO_BID 4-23-[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [18.6 MB]
TNH Earth Day CleanUp- Other Projects Form 2015
Deadline March 18, 2015 Complete Form and submit via eMail to: samets@northhempsteadny.gov
A form for the Plandome Rd event is at the topi of this page. If you have another location on either Sat April 25th or Sun April 26th for a cleanup project of your choice. The Town will supply T-shirts and trash bags. Sample Projects:
Manhasset Valley park : Volunteers to do a general cleanup (branches etc.)
Manhasset / Great Neck EOC Building (65 High Street, Manhasset): outside building.
Community Drive (across from the Whitney Pond Park): Clean up on the side of the road.
High Street, Manhasset: Volunteers to clean up the corner of High Street/Community Dr
TNH EarthDay Clean-up Event Form 2015.pd[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [58.3 KB]
Nassau County's Driver Responsibility Fee
Ever battle a summons at Nassau's Traffic& Parking Violation Bureau and had to pay a fee even when the ticket was dismissed? GC VP Liz Miller looked into the laws and highlights the problem(s) in this summary.
Driver Responsibility Fee Issues Summar[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [40.7 KB]
Buttercooky Bakery Proposed Expansion Plans Feb 2015
Pending BZA process. Buttercookie Bakery seeks to expand into current corner store, and relocate existing newspaper store to the garage across George St that will be converted to small storefront (all same bldg owner).
2014-138-BUTTERCOOKY PLANS 2-12-15.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [2.8 MB]
Plandome Pond Park Pond Dredging Project (began Jan 2014)
TNH engaged this study to advance actions to remedy stagnating water in pond. TNH subsequently authorized the recommended $330K pond dredging project
Plandome Pond Park Engineer Study Jan 20[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [3.9 MB]

This is the Town's estimated timeline of the Plandome Pond project issued in Summer 2014.  Rich Bentley's update notes in red.

  • Preparation of Sampling Plan and submitted to NYSDEC by H2M – August 1, 2014
  • NYSDEC reviews and approves Sampling Plan – October 1, 2014. Delayed- DEC approval received in April 2015- could cause completion date to be extended. 
  • Implement approved Sampling Plan – October – 15, 2014
  • Analyze samples – November 15, 2014
  • Complete design documents and submit to the NYSDEC for approval December 15, 2014
  • NYSDEC approves design – March 15, 2015. RECEIVED on/about July 9, 2015
  • Town Board approves notice to Bid – March 15, 2015 RECEIVED on/about July 9, 2015
  • Preparation of Bid documents April 15, 2015; Updated expectation July 2015
  • Bids are received May 15, 2015 Updated expectation near late July/early August 2015
  • Town Board approves Construction Contract for the work in the park – June 1, 2015; Updated expectation August 2015
  • Construction Contract is executed July 1, 2015; Updated expectation August 2015
  • Work begins at Park August 1, 2015
  • Work is completed by November 1, 2015; Updated expectation Dec 2015

October 2015 Update from Town Supervisor Judi BosworthThe Town's Department of Public Works has completed their meeting with Amma Construction Corp. The project is scheduled to commence this month. The contractor completed the survey of the existing pond levels on October 8th. Town DPW scheduled a meeting during the week of October 19th to prepare a construction schedule that will best work for DPW to monitor the construction site and for Amma Construction to work on the site. That schedule once set will be distributed.


Dredging operations at the pond are only expected to take one week. Water flowing to and from the pond will not be impeded during dredging operations and there will be no affects to the stream near Brookside Drive.


The dredged material will be stockpiled in a "dewatering" area on site to allow the material to dry. The drying process is anticipated to take 1 to 2 months. After the drying period, the contractor will remove the dredged material and haul it to a local landfill for disposal. The project will be completed before end of this year.

"Manhasset 1680" Sign Restoration July 2014
Manhasset 1680 Sign Project Article July[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [225.3 KB]
TNH Project Independence- Senior Talk Radio Flyer
PI Senior Talk Radio Flyer 2014.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [6.9 MB]
Chamber of Comm- Adopt-a-Pole Program Application
Help beautify our downtown by adopting flowers on a steet lamposts. The Adopt-A-Pole Application is attached with submission instructions
Manhasset Chamber of Commerce Adopt-A-Po[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [23.2 KB]
Coalition of Nassau Civic Associations Proposed Bylaws
Final version 4-5-13.
CoNCA Proposed By Laws 4-4-13.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [49.7 KB]
Coalition of Nassau Civic Associations Meeting Notice 4-30-13
CoNCA April 30 2013 Meeting Notice.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [31.3 KB]
CoNCA Registration and Nomination Form
ONE form for RSVP, Civic Registration data, and Nomination (version 4-5-13)
CONCA - Registration and Nomination Form[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [50.0 KB]
CoNCA RSVP/Membership Registration Form
ONE form to (1) RSVP 4/30/13 meeting attendance (2) CoNCA member civic registration, and (3) nominate director candidates.
CONCA - Registration and Nomination Form[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [49.5 KB]

Village Bath - Belanich Property Project

Background: This vacant lot behind the Apple Store was once a bath club, demolished and remained abandonded for decades. After the death of its owner, his estate sold the property to the adjacent commerical owner. The property has been converted to a parking lot, expanding the existing adjacent parkling lot. The location was plagued with tradffic and pedestrian problems since the Apple Store arrived. The expanded parking lot provides improved traffic flow and pedestrian safety along the adjacent 'The Gate' roadway. The Town changed the Belanich/old Village Bath parcel zoning to Parking at their 5/29/12 meeting after a public hearing held 9/12/12, the TNH board voted to approve the site plan on 10/2/12. The parcel now has a restrictive covenant that assures the parecel can not be used for any purpose other than parking, and its square footage can not be co-mingled witht he adjacent commercial property for the purpose of any expansion of the commercial building beyond what it is already within its code requirements excluding the Village Bath parcel.


TNH Public Hearing was held 9/12/12 for the 'Site Review' plans at the Belanich/ former Village Bath parcel and 1900 Northern Blvd (Daffy/Apple) site, being Hotly contested by many homeowners near the vacant lot, The current plan is posted below; 140 spaces in the existing current parking lot at 1900 Northern Blvd are reconfigured, with 90 additional spaces on the Belanich/ Village Bath parcel; Total both parcels at 230 spaces. The parking lot reconfiguration project was completed in 2013.

Village Bath/Belanich Property: Summary with Most Current Site Plans
Summary from the Strathmore Village Civic Assoc & South Strathmore Civic Assoc w/most recent plans of potential purchaser, The Gate,LLC and its principal Kris Torkan(1900 Northern Blvd)
Village Bath Property Summary and Plans [...]
Adobe Acrobat document [5.1 MB]
Manhasset Press Article on Village Bath Property 5-24-12
Mpress 5-24-12 Village Bath Property Art[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [16.3 KB]
Village Bath Property Letter to Editor Appeared in MPress 5-24-12
MPress Letter -Choosing Healthy Debate v[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [13.8 KB]
Village Bath Property - Greater Council Letter to TNH Board 5-8-12
GC letter for TNH Public Hearing on Application for Change of Zoning to Parking, summarizing events since prior July 2011 application that the applicant wthdrew.
Village Bath Zoning Change Letter to TNH[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [63.2 KB]

Inisfada: Sale and death of the Historic Brady Mansion (St Ignatius Retreat House 251 Searingtown Rd)

Inisfada:Sale and Death of St Ignatius Retreat House-BradyMansion


More information can be found at www.inisfada.org


Pursuant to what the North Hill Mayor Marvin Natiss had proclaimed all along, the village issued the demolition permit on Inisifada. The Hong Kong Developers (Manhasset Bay Group, Inc) had applied for a demolition permit from the Village of North Hills and the Village issued the permit in early December 2013. We join the many who are all deeply saddened by these actions and the demolition of this historic gem.


Below on this page are related Inisfada documents as well as many news media links to recent newspaper, TV and internet news on Inisfada. The correct gaelic pronunciation is In-Ish-FADA, but it is widely locally pronounced in-is-fada locally and known as the St. Ignatius Retreat House. Oddly, Ironic and/ or appropos, the 7/31/13 court action fell was The Roman Catholic Feast of St Ignatius.


Village of North Hills Mayor Natiss and Trustees had the ability to be heroes - to show leadership in bringing the parties together to develop a plan that SAVES Inisfada, rather than solely focusing on the laurels that a demolition is "legal".  The Village Trustees and Mayors remained with hardened eyes, ears and hearts and chose to simply 'let progress' occur and demolish this significant piece of our Long Island Gold Coast history for a future development of another luxury home development.. one that will only increase the pressures on our school enrollment that will likely advance future increases in school taxes to accomodate increased enrollment.


Upset with their decision- let them know! You can contact the Village of North Hills Mayor Natiss and Village Trustees:
• Call the Village at (516) 627-4832 or fax (516) 627-3451.
• eMail the mayor at: mnatiss@natisslaw.com


Summary: A long battle has been forever lost. The media attention on this matter is grew widely to help save our Manhasset historic mansion. The village and Jesuits lay on their laurels that everything being done is legal - they are CORRECT. The new buyer have the legal right to demolish Inisfada if the Village of North Hills issues them a permit. The Village appears to continue to miss the point that just because it is legal to demolish does not make it RIGHT. They also had the ability and right to PREVENT ITS DEMOLITION.  The people of the Village of North Hills had the unique opportunity to influence the Village government to preserve our local, state, and national history as well as their own Village of North Hills history. 


Summer and Fall 2013: The Greater Council joined with an alternative prospective buyer for Inisfada, SynergyFirst International LLC in a Nassau County Supreme Court action on 8/1/13 seeking a temporary restratining order (TRO) to stay the transfer of deed. The judge did not grant the TRO because it identified the buyer as "Doe". At the time of court document filing on 7/31/13, the name of the buyer was held secret by Jesuits and Village of North Hills who have previously met with the developer and was confirmed only as a HongKong Developer. During the 8/1/13 court hearing, we learned valuable information:

  • The Judge ordered an attorney to disclose the name of his client and was then announced as "Manhasset Bay Group LLC". The only name associated with the group was learned at the hearing to be a Jim Reilly of Port Washington. This provides what may be only a tip of the iceberg of who and what the buyer organization may turn out to be.
  • The contract of sale from the Jesuits to Manhasset Bay Group,LLC occurred on Monday 7/29 and the $36.5Million payment to the Jesuits occurred on 7/30.
  • The SynergyFirst court action is expected to be revised to include the current named parties (now that buyer was forced to be disclosed), and re-submitted to the court imminently. The attorney are collaborating on a similar effort at the Staten Island Mt Manresa Jesuit retreat house facility that the Jesuits are also selling... listed at $15Million.
  • An amended SynergyFirst court action is iminently aniticipted.


The history leading up to the Sale: GC, Manhasset Preservation Society, Save Inisfada, and alternative potential purchasers reps contiue to meet in person and via eMail to discuss planning efforts and status that can hopefully save Inisfada from demolition.

  • Reports of massive crews working at the site (which remains security closed to any public), salvage/demolition trucks in and out of the property, and site staff being removed the Jesuit payroll effective 8/1 all suggested that a sale closing and potentially a demolition is imment.

  • Prior efforts by attorneys for alternative purchaser financiers have been unable to get any return communication from Jesuit NYC Provincial. The Financial backers share an opinion that due to the lack of any Jesuit response, the Jesuits are clearly not interested in any other purchase except for the offer by the China development group. Local media report efforts by another potential purchaser making a written offer to the Jesiuts was denied by the Jesuits referencing its non-acceptance because they are currently in contract with the Hong Kong developer.

  • With the potential of an alternative purchase in questions due to lack of Jesuit interest and willingness, much of our current efforts are focussing on landmarking the Mansion, while continuing all possible investigation on the parameters surrounding the original donation from Nicholas F and Genevieve Brady to the Jesuits. The landmark application was submitted on or about 8/1 but without the property owner consent.
  • As potentially critical research, we obtained Nassau County deed records on file to determine whether the original donation from the Brady Family to the Jesuits included any agreement or parameters (such as a restrictive covenant). Thus far, we know the deed itself does not indicate any deeded restrictions, but related documents remain unknown as to any other private agreement between the donor and donee. The Jesuits may be the only party that has such documents and they are certain to not be forthcoming from the Jesuits. Any attorney with real estate expertise and willingness to work probono is sought to review the deed document we obtained.
  • Clearly the residents of the Incorporated Village of North Hills have the greatest influence on what will become of Inisfada, since the Village process and approval are required for any work. The village building department superintendent has already confirmed there was no permit issued, nor any application made by the Jesuits for their dismantling of the Genevieve Chapel, which was later determined to have NOT needed a permit since "no stuctural elements" were involved. The Village Building dept has, weeks after it occurred, subsequently determined a village permit was not required for the large chapel stained glass window removal/replacement.
  • The 'save inisfada' planning group met with interested North Hills residents and issued an open letter to all Village North Hills residents to raising their awareness and invoking village resident action to contact their mayor and village trustees imploring actions to save Inisfada.


Many were aware that the Jesuits (owner, St Ignatius Retreat House) plan to sell the property and due to its large value beleived that there was only one offer to purchase - a  HongKong development group that is reported to be planning a subdivision housing plan for the property. The Jesuits confirm the property is in contract for sale, but no details have been shared. The sale is reported to be in the range of $35-37Million, to a yet undisclosed Hong Kong China development group that plans to demolish the Brady Mansion in order to build a 40-42 luxury home gated community. Since no one has physically seen the development plan documents, rumored estimates for the number of homes have fluctuated in range from 35 to more than 50 homes.


Civic involvement has increased greatly since learning that an alternative purchaser, Queens NY based Community Wellness Center of America LLC (CWCOA) and their financiers, Gemma International Group, had expressed interest of purchase and approached the Jesuit NY Provincial, meeting with Fr. Vincent Cooke long before the Jesuits entered an exclusive listing with a real estate broker. CWOA continue to explore additional financier alternatives. The CWCOA proposal commits to saving the mansion and operating a spiritual based wellness services, matching the price of any offer of sale. The CWCOA document (fact sheet/business plan) is attached below. CWCOA reports that once the China development contract for sale was announced, CWCOA offerred to include any cost of vacating the contract for sale, but that the Jesuit provisional then stopped all communication. What we have learned thus far:

  • The Jesuits claim that a bona offer of purchase has never been received from CWCOA/Gemma and therefore the Jesuits proceeded with selling and signed a contract for purchase with the only "bona-fide" offer from the China development entity.
  • The Brady mansion is one of Long Island's historic Gold Coast mansions on the National Registry of Historic Sites. The family descendants include former US Treasury Secy  (under Reagan/HW Bush) Nicholas F Brady. Efforts are moving toward formal landmarking, which appears to be the sole viable  limited protection from destruction of our historic mansion. There is extensive information available online of the mansions history; just google 'Inisfada'. We recognize that even being placed on the State and/or National Registry of Historic Places does nto guarrantee a landmark is not demolished. However, formal landmark status significantly increases the pressure on a municipality to undertake every possible effort to save a historic structure, rather than permitting its demolition.
  • the Property is wholly within the Incorporated Village of North Hills (VNH) and thus, the estate's future lies very much within the VNH jurisdiction, although depending on the toal number of subdivisions that will be applied for, the process may also require Nassau County Planning Commission review. VNH initially advised that an application was received for straightening the road/driveway from Searingtown Rd to the estate house, which was denied. The VNH has no landmark process. The Jesuits have already dismantled the Genevieve Chapel and removed it's stained glass windows, reported to be planned for moving to the  Jesuit's Fordham Univ campus, but when we called the Facilities Department at the Fordham campus, we were told that no Fordham campus location has yet been identified on where the Genevieve Chapel might be reconstructed. The Facilities Department noted that they learned of the plan by reading it in recent news reports. Thus, we assume the Genevieve Chapel items are sitting in some undisclosed Jesuit storage location until a reconstruction site is determined.
  • Community reaction that I have received thus far greatly supportive to saving the LI history of the Mansion, as well as great concern over another housing development's impact on our community infrasture (impact on our drinking water aquifers, schools, traffic congestion, loss of 33 acre 'greenspace', etc..)

As a result of all information, details of which were impossible to confirm given Buyer, Seller and Village silence, the planning group's collective actions now focusses on the New York State process for landmarking, and heightening the awareness of Norh Hills residents in particular, while increasing awareness to the public at large to get to the root of facts. Without owner consent, the site never attained placement on the NYS or National Registry of Historic Places, although the NYS Preservation Commission's designation letter as being eligible for such placement allows the Mansion to be called a Landmark.


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News12 - Story and video clip when Inisfada was first put up for sale. You need to be an Optimum customer or register to view the whole story May 2013.


Newsday - Mansion's Pending Sale Draws Protests 6/5/13.


Newsday -7 LI historic sites listed as threatened 6/2/13


Newsday- Fordham to get Inisfada Chapel 5/31/13

25A Magazine June 2014 Article on Inisfada
25A Magazine Inisfada Article June 2014.[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [1.9 MB]
NYS Historical Preservation Letter of Eligibility for NYS and National Registry of Historical Places
THE NYS Dept of Parks Recreation and Historical Preservation has already determined Inisfada to be eligible for the NYS and National Registry of Historic Places (a landmark). The formal application is
Inisfada Historic Preservation DOE.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [101.4 KB]
Historical Value of the Inisfada Estate
The Brady Estate / Inisfada history, a “Manhasset” mansion as documented by the Jesuits showing its great Historical Value of the estate.Of special note is the attention to detail about there bein
Inisfada History.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [15.3 MB]
Inisfada Fact Sheet & CWCOA Business Plan
As provided by CWCOA - potential alternative purchasers . Jesuits have not entertained additional offers of purchase reportedly due to their current contract of sale with Hong Kong developers (Jesuits
Inisfada Fact Sheet Business Plan.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [142.3 KB]
Manhasset Preservation Society Letter to Editor 9/6/13
Inisfada Letter To The Editor Manhasset [...]
Adobe Acrobat document [51.8 KB]
Michelle Schimel Letter to NYS Historic Preservation 8-31-13
Inisfada Support-NYS Assembly Schimel Le[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [171.1 KB]
Deputy Presiding Officer Richard Nicolello Letter to NYS Historic Preservation 8-5-13
Legislator and Deputy Presiding Officer of the Nassau County Legislature supports Inisfada Landmarking!
R Nicolello Support Inisfada Landmarking[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [679.3 KB]
Open letter Town North Hempstead Councilwoman Anna Kaplan 7/29/13
Supporting all efforts to Save Inisfada
Councilwoman Anna Kaplan Letter Save Ini[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [41.4 KB]
1010WINS Newsradio Segment on Inisfada aired 7/29/13
1010WINS radio on Inisfada 7-29-13.mp3
MP3 audio file [1.2 MB]
Open Letter to Village of North Hills Residents 7/22/13
The people of the Village of North Hill uniquely hold the highest influence on whether their Village will take a stand for historic preservation or allow its demolition
Open Letter to Village of North Hills Re[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [157.3 KB]
Summer project bylaw review
GC Bylaw Review 2017- Summary from 2008 [...]
Adobe Acrobat document [116.1 KB]