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Plandome Heights


Plandome Heights, incorporated in 1929, has since grown to 323 households including 1,000-plus total population.  The village boundaries are Village of Plandome to the North, Manhasset Bay to the West, Village of Flower Hill to the East, and the unincorporated hamlet of Manhasset to the South.  The majority of the Plandome Heights is within walking distance to the Manhasset LIRR train station.  Children in the village can attend the nationally ranked school district.  Plandome Pond Park and Plandome Heights Preserve on Manhasset Bay are but two of the many park-like settings throughout the village.



Plandome Heights Civic Association


Plandome Heights has always been a very civic minded village.  The precursor of our current civic association and the incorporation of our village began as the Plandome Heights Association.  In 1929, the community rallied to voice its concerns regarding two issues.  The first issue the Association addressed was objecting to development of apartment buildings on the land adjacent to Plandome Heights.


The second issue was objecting to formation of the Manhasset Sewer District.  The Plandome Heights Association protested.  While not opposed to sewers for the rest of Manhasset, Plandome Heights residents were opposed to the added taxation resulting from the sewers.  After the Town Board voted in favor of a one million dollar sewer district, Plandome Heights moved to secede and incorporate.  This led to other events and the Town Board moved to dissolve the Manhasset Sewer District: it could no longer finance the project based on the reduction in the sewer district’s assessed valuation.


Today’s Plandome Heights Civic Association was formed on July 20, 1943 and has served the community since that time in many important ways.  For a time the Civic Association became inactive, but it was reactivated in 2010 by a group of former Village Officials and concerned residents including Marion Endrizzi, Paula Abate, Mike and Jayne Knox, Roxanne Fitzig, Robert Timperman and Dan Cataldo.  Currently, members attend monthly meetings of the Council of Greater Manhasset Civic Associations.



Our Mission


The goals of the Civic Association are to:

  • Promote the rights, interests and welfare of our members through civic activities
  • Advocate transparent and accountable government that is responsive to our residents
  • Encourage the wise and efficient use of taxpayer dollars
  • Work actively with The Council of Greater Manhasset Civic Associations
  • Provide pertinent information and encourage public participation
  • Preserve and contribute to the safety, beautification and general welfare of the community


Our 2019-21 Plandome Heights Civic Association Board:

President — Rosemary Mascali

Vice President — Mary Oleske
Secretary — Michael Schwartz
Treasurer — Roxanne Fitzig
Executive Board Members — Marion Endrizzi (Past President), and Dennis Sears



Current Events/News


Plandome Heights Civic Association Recognizes Efforts of Town of North Hempstead Parks Department Team
The Plandome Heights Civic Association (PHCA) recently recognized the exemplary efforts of the Town of North Hempstead’s Parks Department employees with citations for maintaining Plandome Pond Park.   Many residents have been commenting that the park has never looked better, so we decided to thank them for a job well done!   Councilwoman Marianne Dalimonte joined several of our board members in expressing their appreciation for the team’s dedication.

             (click on photo to enlarge)

1st row, l-r:  Anthony Stanco, Richard Ceriello; 2nd row, l-r: Deputy Parks Commissioner Kelly Gillen, Ashish Rana, Sal Siminerio, Labor Supervisor Michael De Pinto, PHCA Board Members Marion Endrizzi, Mary Oleske, Roxanne Fitzig, Rosemary Mascali, TNH Councilwoman Marianne Dalimonte; 3rd row, l-r: Jaquan Mingo, Deputy Parks Commissioner John Darcy



Macy’s, Brookfield Unveil Plans for Manhasset Mixed-use Development


Macy’s and international development company Brookfield Properties have designed plans for a mixed-use development on the department store’s Manhasset property, a vision that includes three apartment complexes, a full-service hotel, an office building and additional retail and dining space, company officials told local community leaders.


Sign the Petition here.


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Army Corps of Engineers Proposes Sea Gates for New York Harbor


The proposed NYC Sea Gates will impact the Long Island Sound and Manhasset Bay coastal areas.  The US Army Corps of Engineers has conducted a study, released an Interim Report and moving ahead with next steps in the process.


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For more information, visit the US Army Corps of Engineers project page here.



2018 Annual Meeting


Plandome Heights Civic Association held its Annual Meeting on October 18, 2018 at the Port Washington Yacht Club.  Plandome Heights Civic President Chuck McCarthy opened the meeting addressing the 75-plus members and other guests who were present.


The agenda included presentations from three guest speakers including local civic leaders, including Council of Greater Manhasset Civic Associations President Richard Bentley, Manhasset Park District Commissioner David Paterson and Nassau County Executive Laura Curran.  Manhasset School District’s Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources Dr. Jean Kendall was also in attendance.


The first order of business was the election of new Legal Counsel Mary Oleske for the current term ending October 2019.


Council of Greater Manhasset Civic Associations President Richard Bentley provided an overview of various projects in the Manhasset area, and reminded attendees of the upcoming Third Police Precincts’ Community Forum to be held on October 25th at Shelter Rock Elementary School.


Manhasset Park District Commissioner David Paterson provided an update on LIRR parking – announcing the addition of 16 parking spaces following successful efforts over several years to obtain access to these spaces from the Town of North Hempstead.


County Executive Laura Curran spoke about successful efforts to fight illegal drug crime by use of a real-time database that helps police target areas where most crimes are currently occurring;  several business friendly initiatives that are in various stages of progress;  the 2019 budget which will not increase while preserving existing services;  continuing efforts to reassess all properties based on fair market value and, with support from the state, a five-year phase-in period;  and the 6th police precinct that she remains committed to fully restore but will not be part of the 2019 budget as additional detectives need to be appointed to staff a full squad;  the precinct location remains a staffed Community Center.  Finally, in response to a question from the audience, County Executive Curran will look into the assignment of two additional POP (Problem-Oriented Policing) Team officers to the 6th precinct.


PHCA thanks past President Marion Endrizzi for her invaluable assistance in helping to bring County Executive Curran, and several other attendees, to the Annual Meeting.



MedMen Presentation to CGMCA


With Plandome Heights Civic Association Board Members in attendance, representatives of MedMen gave a presentation at a Council of Greater Manhasset Civic Associations Board meeting on Oct. 10, 2018.  Materials and related correspondence may be viewed on the Greater Council webpage here.


Meet and Greet


The Plandome Heights Civic Association and the Plandome Heights Women's Club hosted a special meet and greet with the New Manhasset School Administration on September 27, 2018 at the Port Washington Yacht Club.  Residents welcomed and mingled with the Superintendent of Schools, Principals of Shelter Rock and Munsey Elementary Schools, and District Coordinators for English Language and Math.  A good time was had by all.



LIRR Parking Space Expansion


Dialog with the Town of North Hempstead reached successful conclusion resulting in the addition of seventeen (17) commuter parking spaces along the roadway adjoining Mary J Davies Park.



Summit Drive Subdivision


The Plandome Heights Planning Board met for the first time since 2014 to discuss a potential subdivision of one lot into two.


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Seafield Services, Inc.


Residents, business owners, elected officials and Council of Greater Manhasset Civic Associations members packed North Hempstead Town Hall on April 11, 2018 to discuss a Manhasset outpatient drug and alcohol treatment center. 


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Endrizzi thankful for opportunity to help Plandome Heights thrive -Manhasset Times


Many people think civic service work is thankless, but not Marion Endrizzi.

“Everyone says that what you do as community service is completely thankless, and I have always told everyone it’s not thankless at all,” Endrizzi said...


Read the whole article here.



Problem-Oriented Policing (POP) Team


PHCA coordinates with the POP Team to enhance the routine patrol of our community.



Manhasset Valley Park


Nassau County Police Department has increased traffic enforcement due to vehicles frequently parking illegally along the Maple Street and Bayview Avenue roadside adjoining the Park.  Nassau County’s Councilwoman Anna M. Kaplan and Legislator Richard J. Nicolello have communicated their commitment for shared use of the County’s Department of Public Works land across from the Park to be utilized for additional Valley Park parking.  At the same time, steps are being taken to ensure improved pedestrian safety and traffic flow.


Important Dates


ToNH Stop Throwing Out Pollutants (S.T.O.P.) Program


2021 Program drop-off dates and locations:


North Hempstead Beach Park North Lot
Sunday, March 21, 2021
9 a.m. to 3 p.m

Westbury High School
Sunday, June 27, 2021
9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

North Hempstead Beach Park North Lot
Sunday, September 12, 2021
9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

North Hempstead Beach Park North Lot
Saturday, November 13, 2021
9 a.m. to 3 p.m.


Additional information, including what pollutants can be accepted, may be obtained by visiting the ToNH S.T.O.P. Program web page.


Current and Past Initiatives


  • Work with the Nassau County 3rd/6th Precinct Police POP (Problem Oriented Police) Team to enhance the routine patrol of our community and help solve recurring problems in the community


  • Represent Plandome Heights as a member of the 3rd/6th Precinct Safety Council Meetings.  PHCA is one of only a few civic associations invited to attend these meetings


  • Advocating for complete restoration of the Plandome Pond and the Plandome Pond Park.  Through our efforts, $330,000 has been secured in the last few years from the ToNH


  • Worked with Nassau County Mosquito Control Testing for West Nile Virus


  • Participated in Plandome Road Visioning Project; and participated in Plandome Road Parking Meters Study, successfully avoiding the installation of parking meters on Plandome Road


  • Support LIRR parking space expansion to create 19 additional parking spaces along the roadway adjoining Mary J Davies Park – in progress


  • Support additional parking and improved pedestrian safety and traffic flow adjoining Manhasset Valley Park – in progress


  • Advocated successfully with the Town of North Hempstead for Plandome Heights to remain in ToNH District 6 (with the Plandomes) and not be moved to ToNH District 4 (Great Neck)


Your Dues Provide For the Following


  • Work with Greater Council to restore the Nassau County 6th Police Precinct to full capacity


  • Coordinate and participate in relief efforts following hurricanes and other natural disasters


  • Beautification:  Partner with the Plandome Heights Women’s Club for: holiday decorations throughout the Village, the Chamber of Commerce’s annual Adopt-A-Pole program (hanging floral baskets) during the summer months, and the American Legion’s program of American Flags on Plandome Road


  • Partner with Plandome Heights Women’s Club to decorate signs and signposts during holidays and plant flowers in green areas


  • Manhasset Chamber of Commerce’s Adopt-A-Pole – to ensure that beautiful, hardy flowers are planted in hanging baskets on the poles


  • Hold Annual Membership Meetings hosting VIP guest speakers that have included: the ToNH Supervisor, Nassau County District Attorney, Nassau County Legislator, NYS State Senators, Police Commissioners, Greater Council President, Manhasset Parks Commissioner, and notable others





Dues are only ten dollars ($10) per household per year!  Save the postage stamp and use Zelle* to make a convenient, no fee, mobile payment.


Mail or deliver electronic payment with your completed Membership Form below.  Your email address will be added to the PHCA mailing list to receive important news and events.  All member information will be used exclusively for the PHCA and will not be distributed to outside sources.


*Dues payment via Zelle may be submitted using our email address: info@plandomeheightscivic.org

How to make a payment using Zelle:

Logon to your bank account and select the Pay with Zelle option

Select Send Money (for first time payment to PHCA, select Add a Recipient and enter our email address)

Select the recipient, enter the payment amount, and select Send Money


Membership Form
PHCA Membership Form (2019-20).pdf
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Contact Information


Inquires may be addressed to:

Plandome Heights Civic Association

c/o Rosemary Mascali

36 Bourndale Road South

Manhasset, NY  11030

Email: info@plandomeheightscivic.org




Government Related Links


Village of Plandome Heights



Town of North Hempstead


North Hempstead’s 311 Online

To report or inquire non-emergency municipal problems, use the 311 Online page.  Click on Submit Service Request then 1) select a service type or enter keywords and press Go; 2) enter the service location and press Next Step; 3) enter the service information details and press Next Step; 4) enter your contact information and press Next Step; 5) enter any additional information and upload any photos, audio or video files that may be helpful (it is recommended to use this field to request a call-back) and press Next Step; 6) review the information and press Submit.


How to Reach North Hempstead’s 311 by email

Email: feedback@northhempsteadny.gov

It is recommended to request a call-back in your email.


Supervisor – Judi Bosworth


Councilwoman (District 6) – Mariann Dalimonte



Nassau County


County Executive – Laura Curran


County Legislator (District 9) – Richard J. Nicolello


County Comptroller – Jack Schnirman



New York State


Governor – Andrew Cuomo


Senator (District 7) – Anna Kaplan


Assemblyman (District 16) – Anthony D’Urso



Federal Government


Senator – Charles Schumer


Senator – Kristen E. Gillibrand


Congressman (District 3) – Thomas Suozzi


The Constitution of the United States:



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