Tips and Documents from the Nassau County Police & Other Sources

Common Winter Storm Tips and Important Contacts
Suggest you print/ keep in handy place during the winter storm season-in case Internet is down during a storm.
GC Winter Storm Tips.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [174.8 KB]
NCPD Burglary Prevention Tips
SPIN Burglary Prevention 8.5 x 11.pdf
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NCPD Burglary Prevention Tips, Thefts from Vehicles, & Store and Online Shopping Tips
SPIN General Safety Tips - If We Can See[...]
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NCPD Crime Prevention Tips - If we can see it, So Can Thieves
NCPD Crime Prevention If we can see it s[...]
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Stolen Vehicle Prevention Tips
NCPD Stolen Auto Prevention Tips.pdf
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Hurricane Readiness Guide
From the Nassau County Office of Emergency Management (OEM)
Hurricane Readiness Guide Nassau County [...]
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Hurricane Preparedness Tips (Nassau Police)
From the County Security and Police Information Network (SPIN)
SPIN Hurricane Preparedness Tips 2015.pd[...]
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Nassau County Police- Summer Travel Tips
7 pages of Tips from Nassau County Police on Summer Domestic and International Travel;
NCPD Summer Travel Tips.pdf
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NCPD Porch Pirates- Package Theft Prevention Tips
SPIN Porch Pirates 8.5 x 11.pdf
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NCPD Commercial Burglary Prevention Tips
SPIN Commercial Burglary Prevention Flye[...]
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NCPD Stolen Auto Prevention Tips
SPIN Stolen Auto Prevention 8 5 x 11 201[...]
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Make Your Home Secure Booklet- NCPD
Be mindful and cautious about what you and all members of your household post on unsecured social media: including planned outings or vacations that can unnecessarily increase your risk/ exposure to potential burglars!
NCPD Make Your Home Secure Booklet.pdf
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Suspicious Vehicle Suspicious Person Worksheet NCPD
Call 911 about a suspicious person or vehicle. If you choose not to call, try to write down what you observed so that IF you hear about a crime, you can then call and give the police the details you observed. Attached are two handy 'worksheets' to print off and keep in a convenient place for future use that help you make better casual and safe observations. NEVER put yourself in harm's way to get more details than what you are able to casually and safely observe.
NCPD Suspicious Car-Person Worksheets.pd[...]
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Residential Distraction Burglaries Alert & Tips 6/26/14
NCPD Alert Residential Distraction Burgl[...]
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NCPD Deception Burglary Tips
SPIN Deception Burglaries.pdf
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Identity Theft Booklet NCPD
NCPD Identity Theft Booklet.pdf
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Protect Your Child from Online Predators on the Internet NCPD
NCPD Protect Your Child from Online Pred[...]
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Nassau Police Tips for Teen Driving and DWI Safety
Driving Tips For Teens and DWI Teen Safe[...]
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Disaster Checklist
from Nassau County Office of Emergency Management (OEM)
Nassau County Disaster Checklist.pdf
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Pharmaceutical Disposal Sites (Shed the Meds): Excess and expired medicines are a hazard in your home and require special disposal. DO NOT dispose of medications in your drains or normal trash... they seep into our underground water supplies, and if left in medcine cabinets can be potentially harmful to you and your family. Nassau County Police hold community events throughout the year at specific location. Additionally, NCPD provides a pharmaceutical disposal collection bin in the lobby of all precincts. Nearest lobby is 6th Pct at 100 Community Drive, Manhasset NY.

Telephone Related Scams

NCPD Phone Scam Alert 2018-10-18
SPIN ALERT_Phone Scams 8.5 x 11.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [354.3 KB]
IRS Telephone Scam - Nassau Police Tips Feb 2016
IRS Telephone Scams NC Police Tips Feb 2[...]
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Police Alert on Scam- Telephone Calls Claiming to be from IRS
SPIN Consumer Alert for IRS Scam 4-16-15[...]
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Phone Scam Advisory NCPD
NCPD Phone Scam Advisory.pdf
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ONE RING Phone Scam
Ever receive a call that rings just one ring? BE CAREFUL - you might NOT want to call the number back.
SPIN One Ring Phone Scam 9-2-14.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [76.9 KB]
NCPD Police Tip on Mortgage Modification Scam
Always verify that you are working directly with your mortgage company.
SPIN- Mortgage Scam 9-15-14.pdf
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SPIN- NC Police Tip on Green Dot Money Pak Scam
If you're ever asked to pay for an item using a Green Dot Money Pak card, it's likely you need to hang up on the caller. Scams have occurred on Craigslist.
SPIN- Green Dot Money Pak Card Scam.pdf
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Seasonal Tips 

Police Safety Tips for the Back to School Season
NCPD Back to School Safety 3pgs.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [642.6 KB]
Nassau County Police: Prom Night Safety Tips
NCPD Prom Night Safety Tips.pdf
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HEAT-Health and Safety Tips During High Temperature Days
In addition to formal County Town or Village cooling centers, your local neighborhood typically has Libraries Municipal Offices as well as public stores that are air conditioned and available as a safer place during heat waves if your home or apt has no AC. Call 311 for the nearest cooling center location(s) to you.
NCPD Health Tips during Heat Waves.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [91.7 KB]

West Nile Spraying is conducted as needed with notification to affected communities. Currently there are no scheduled activity and this message will be updated if/when it is scheduled. Last spraying was conducted in Aug 2014. When it occurs, sraying is done by ground trucks engaged by Nassau County Dept of Health. Recognized recommendations:

- Individuals, especially pregnant women and children, should remain inside during the treatment period and for about 30 minutes afterwards. One should also:

- Keep windows & doors shut. Turn off window fans. Set AC's to recirculate; close fresh air intake vent, if able.

- Keep children’s toys indoors.

- Keep pets indoors, as well as their food, water dishes and toys.

- Cover any 'live fish ponds' during the spraying hours.

- Vegetable gardens:  if being picked on day after spraying, wash vegetables.

Since the effects of the ground treatment dissipate in a few hours, it is not necessary to wash off outdoor furniture or playground equipment before use, although doing so will not diminish the effectiveness of the pesticide applied. More detail on Nassau County Website (link)


Halloween Safety Tips
NYS Coronavirus Halloween Celebration Tips: <>
Wishing all Manhasset kids a FUN Halloween & Here's some tips to keep them safe while having that FUN..
Halloween Safety Tips from the American [...]
Adobe Acrobat document [25.4 KB]